​The UPM ProFi decking solution has been complemented with additional high quality deck accessories: UPM ProFi Foot, Alu Support Rail and Rubber Pad which are compatible with both UPM ProFi Design.


Aluminium Support Rails for special deck constructions

Alu Support Rail Large enables suspended construction with an extra wide span up to 110 cm. The 23 mm thick Alu Support Rail Small makes very thin deck construction possible where space is limited.

Rubber strips for closed decks

Easy to install solution to create a closed surface for protection of dirt falling between the decking boards and a typical yacht deck look.

Adjustable Feet enabling fast installation on uneven ground

UPM ProFi Foot range has double the height adjustment of other deck feet, and the height can even be altered after the joists have been laid. Easy high adjustment by rotating wheel.

Water permeable rubber mats

Water-permeable and rot proof UPM ProFi Rubber pads allow rapid water drainage and are suitable for levelling small ground irregularities under UPM ProFi Support Rail