Timberwise luxury parquet floors

Timberwise is the world’s best wooden floor. It is manufactured in Loimaa, Finland, from the highest quality raw material available. The result is a unique combination of Finnish expertise, style and safety.

The best possible raw material is used in the manufacture of the Timberwise wooden floors. Finnish spruce and birch plywood is used in the base and middle layer structures. The oak, ash, and larch used in the surface materials come from Europe, and mainly from Central Europe. Our quality standards are strict. That’s why we select and acquire all our wood raw material ourselves. The wood enters our factory as rough plank, and its journey to becoming the world’s best single plank wooden floors begins with a careful sorting and quality inspection.

The floor is one of the largest surfaces in the home. Therefore, it’s important that the wooden floors does not emit chemicals harmful to people, such as formaldehyde, into the indoor air. Formaldehyde is known to irritate the eyes and respiratory passages even in small quantities. It is also suspected to be connected to asthma and allergic symptoms. Timberwise is the first wooden floor manufacturer in the world to entirely give up the use of formaldehyde-containing adhesives in their products. We are also the only parquet manufacturer in Finland to have the Allergy Label of Finland’s Allergy and Asthma Federation.